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"Your computer is at 30%" Same. My cup of coffee fueled me. Somehow I was still tremendously tired. 30% has lingered with me today. I'm charging tonight, hoping for 100%.

30 second glimpse

Here is a 30 second glimpse into packing away my gifted pantry items. David: Where should I put thse snacks? Me: I don't know. If you were getting a snack from a cupboard, which one would you choose from? David: Maybe this one? Me: Okay, that is the snack cupboard now! We actually have two …



Little sparks dance in his eyes He listens to people talk and talk A wiggling tale the whole time I love to see Sawyer walk, in circles around the fire.

Spring, where are you?

I saw a robin in the sunI didn’t just see oneI can hear their tweetThat means I can go in bare feetHas spring begun?I know it isn't spring yet, but I cannot wait until Monday! Also, has anyone else heard that if you see a Robin, you can go outside in bare feet?

Before that

Tonight I ate ricotta and spinach stuffed chicken thighs for dinner. Yum! Before that, I found a Whoopie pie that I completely forgot that I was eating. Before that, I pulled the chicken out of the oven. Lovely smells follow that chicken out of the oven! Before that, I was placing healthy spoonfuls of the …

Snacks on snacks

I’m having an after dinner snack realizing all of the snacks I ate after school today. After school, as soon as a I get home, all the snacks in my house call to me for attention. All for specific reasons such as sugar, being a tad spicy, salty, etc. Today I documented all the snacks …

Bundles of Joy

Today was a difficult day for me. Lots of moving parts all crashing at the same time. My mind is scattered; in many different thoughts. My brain is aching for a break. So, to put those thoughts on hold, I am going to write about the little bundles of joy I recieved throughout my day. …