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Thirty One

Thirty one days of writing

Happy work and hard work

Idea generating ALL day

Rhymezone—- this site helped a lot when trying to find just the right words to write

Trusting my own writing and sharing it out to others


Open minded sharing and conversing

Never giving up and reaching a personal goal to complete all 31 days of writing; no matter how busy I am!

Ending on a positive note

This is the first year that I did SOL and I have had such a great time. I was invested in this opportunity and this challenge, so I made my own space for it. I am keeping this space open, so that I can continue to use it everyday!

SOL has solidified how much I enjoy writing. I have used it as a way to be mindful, present, and creative in my own life. I also enjoy the community that it has sprung upon me! I have conversed with people that I do know and people that I don’t know.

I hope to continue slicing, even if it is a couple days of week, for myself.


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