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That’s the good stuff

“Yeah, man, that’s the good stuff. ”

Kenny Chesney

This song played on the way to work today and it made me do some reflecting. What are the good things in my life?

Here are some of the things I thought about. They are in no particular order.

  • My family— we are all so busy but somehow make time to see each other and have dinner once a week
  • My long term substituting position. It has taught me many things about myself as a teacher
  • All of the animals I take care of. Sometimes it is exhausting, but I love them all
  • Local businesses who are helping to make my wedding a dream come true
  • remote start in my car—-definitely helps in winter and these cold “spring” days
  • A new bed set for my new bed!
  • Coffee every morning
  • My fiancé

Sometimes it can be easy for me to get caught up on all the things I need to work on or change, so when I got in the car this morning and this song was playing, it made for a pleasant drive to work.


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